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Energy Pro Is MORE Than Our Name

KY Energy Pro is the preferred heating and air conditioning EXPERT serving homeowners, commercial business and builder contractors in Louisville, Kentucky.  We service, repair and install new HVAC systems. As Building Performance and Building Envelop Specialists we’re dedicated to indoor comfort, air quality, optimal system function, proper ventilation, insulation, eliminating improper air leaks and ultimately your comfort and health.

We’re specially trained to implement solutions that will improve your home performance and adhere to the standards of our certifications.

Certified Energy Rater Certified Heating Specialist
Building Performance Analyst
Building Envelope Specialist
Certified HVARC Contractor Master HVAC Contractor


What We Do For You

Heating and Air Conditioning

You hear your system running and assume everything is fine, but the efficiency of your system is something you should think about.  High-efficiency equipment offers improved energy savings.  That means lower utility bills and more money in your pocket. We offer a full range of air comfort products for every budget.  More

Filters Delivered to Your Door

Dirty filters diminish your system’s effectiveness, energy efficiency, and increase utility bills. They can even damage your system over time.  Replacing your filter frequently reduces unnecessary strain on your system.  All you have to know is your filter size.  We’ll deliver them right to your door, free shipping. More

Air Sealing and Insulation

Air leakage takes place when outside air enters and conditioned air uncontrollably leaves your home through cracks or  openings.  We always air seal before we perform insulation upgrades to your home.  We know the science of the  building envelope, and we’ll recommend and install the best solution to address your insulation needs. More

Duct Cleaning

Could the air in your home be harmful to you and your family?  How your ducts are cleaned makes a difference. According to the EPA, levels of air pollution inside the home can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels.  Dust which can contain mites, mold, mildew, pollen and animal dander, all are cycled through the your central air system. More