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Our company features the full line of Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems and we service and repair all makes and models.  Your comfort is our only priority.  There's generally only two reasons why you need to replace your system – it’s old, inefficient, and has reached the end of its usefulness – this gives you a little time to do some research, or it has broken down and you have an emergency.

Although it’s our goal to service and maintain your system for as long as possible, don’t put off having a Home Performance Analysis - be proactive about the system options available to you.  Ask us about our special financing options1, rebates, or tax incentives.

1 Subject to credit approval.  Call for details, 502-758-5122.


  1. Schedule a Home Performance Analysis and we will guide you to the system that best matches your needs and identify any issues that need to be address to improve your comfort.
  2. Settle on the right system that meets your space, lifestyle and budget needs, then we will schedule the installation.
  3. If air quality is a concern, now is a great time to have your air ducts cleaned and sanitized.
  4. After your air ducts are cleaned, have your ducts sealed with our patented Aeroseal system.
  5. If you didn't install air quality products when we installed your new system, consider installation of a Humidifier, Dehumidifier, UV Lamp, Air Purifier, CO Alarm, or Ventilator.

A number of factors affect installation and selection of the appropriate system for your home – square footage, number of rooms, number of floors, but also:

  • How much space is available for your new system, adequate ventilation, can it draw air easily, or is their air intake impeded?
  • Access to drainage - avoid condensation build up that can lead to mold and mildew affecting your indoor air quality.
  • The right size system, one that's too small will strain and not heat or cool properly, one that’s too large won’t effectively remove moisture from “clammy air," even though it may cool faster, an oversized heating or cooling unit will just run up your energy bill.
  • No matter how “state of the art” your heating and cooling system is, if your ductwork is bad or isn’t insulated, it will diminish your system’s efficiency.
  • Air flows best in a straight or curved line. It doesn't “corner” well. Does your ductwork have smooth flowing curved fittings with turning vanes to guide the flow of air around sharp corners?
  • Is your ductwork sealed?  If not, air could be leaking out. Air leakage into unconditioned spaces of your home diminishes your comfort level and puts stress on your system.  Mastic may dry out and humidity and cold can affect tape sealant.  That’s why we offer Aeroseal.

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