To ensure efficient business operations in Louisville, KY, you should take steps to keep your customers and employees comfortable. The best way to achieve this is by maintaining an optimal HVAC system. Here are six common commercial HVAC problems that you’re likely to encounter in a commercial building:

Clogged Filters

The air filters in your HVAC system will accumulate a lot of dust, allergens and dirt over time. That’s why you need to change these filters regularly. By failing to have the filters changed on time, you put the whole system at risk of not performing properly.

Air quality in your commercial space may suffer due to clogging issues in the filters. If you have chronically dirty air, you’ll end up seeing a spike in allergy-related health issues within the premises.

Another consequence of clogged filters is a compromise on the lifespan of the HVAC system. The more the system strains to work through those old filters, the more wear and tear. This translates to a reduced lifespan of the unit.

Thermostat Malfunctioning

The thermostat plays a critical role in airflow and timing. If it seizes to work correctly, the whole building may end up feeling cooler or warmer than normal. Another telltale sign of a failing thermostat is rapid fluctuations in temperature during the day.

Drastic temperature fluctuations may put a significant strain on the productivity and comfort of your employees. For instance, the temperatures of the room might feel chilly one moment and then drastically change to warm. Be sure to have the thermostat inspected by professionals if you experience temperature fluctuations.

Ductwork Issues

Your cooled and heated air travels through a series of ducts. To guide the airflow, there are dampers within the ducts. These dampers play a key role in ensuring the conditioned air is directed to where you need it.

A slight problem in these dampers or the ductwork can result in loss of efficiency of the whole commercial HVAC unit. Corrosions, leaks, clogs and imbalanced dampers are some of the common issues that develop in ductwork.

Due to the pressure of air flowing through the ducts, the dampers may get dented or become loose. You should have the unit serviced immediately in case of a collapsed damper. At KY Energy Pro, Inc., we offer timely and competent HVAC repair services to address malfunctioning commercial ductwork.

Lack of Maintenance

Don’t make a mistake of neglecting the need to have your HVAC unit serviced and maintained regularly. To ensure that your employees and customers are happy and comfortable, it’s prudent to have your HVAC unit performing optimally.

You can save on future repair costs by scheduling routine maintenance for your system. On a routine maintenance job, one of our service technicians will check for potential issues. Addressing these issues goes a long way toward ensuring your system doesn’t fail due to unprecedented problems.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant, which is contained in coils within the HVAC unit, plays a key role in cooling and dehumidifying air. Having inadequate amounts of this liquid agent may result in cooling inefficiency. The air produced won’t be very cold.

The biggest reason behind low refrigerant is coil corrosion, which leads to leaks. This issue results in additional system problems due to overworking.

Drain Line Issues

Finally, in commercial buildings, it’s common to see a pool of water around HVAC units. If you notice this at your office, call in the experts immediately. Water leaks are a sign of underlying drain line problems.

The drain lines draw excess moisture from your HVAC unit. Over time, the drain lines clog with debris and dirt and cause water to back up in the unit. This usually ends up in overflowing drain pans and leaks.

To prevent this, schedule periodic cleaning and checks for the drain lines. Leaky drain lines can lead to more costly water damages in your HVAC unit.

Avoid costly emergency repairs by contacting a professional to do periodic HVAC maintenance. At KY Energy Pro, Inc., our qualified service technicians can inspect and spot issues before they turn out to be costly fixes. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable HVAC repair and installation services in Louisville, KY.

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