Many people don’t think about HVAC maintenance until their system fails to heat or cool their home. Here are the main benefits of scheduling regular HVAC maintenance in your Louisville, KY, home:

Health Benefits

Changing your HVAC system’s filter is an important part of maintenance. Moisture and restricted airflow can cause biological contaminants to grow, and this can pose health problems to you and your family. Having your filters and ducts maintained by a professional is the first step to improving the indoor air quality of your home.

If you’re worrying about the environment and reducing your impact, a well-maintained HVAC system is one more thing that you can do. A properly maintained system is more efficient and uses less energy than one that isn’t functioning as efficiently as it could. This is another way that keeping your system maintained can help you to breathe easier.

Using a regular vacuum to clean your duct vents only goes so far. Professionals can give it a deeper clean and do a more thorough job. This can help to reduce dust in your home and help to remove many common indoor allergens.

Cost Benefits

Preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling system can prolong its life. In addition, a properly maintained system operates more efficiently. Having a professional inspect and maintain your system on a regular basis will save you money in the long run.

Your warranty is another reason to keep your system properly maintained. If your system breaks because you ignored the recommended maintenance schedule, your warranty won’t cover the repair. This is another good reason to read your paperwork and owner’s manual to find out the recommended HVAC maintenance schedule.

Regular maintenance can help to reduce costly repairs by as much as 95%. You can’t avoid all repairs, but you can reduce them by having your system maintained on a regular basis by a trained professional. Scheduling pre-season maintenance helps you to avoid having your system go down in the middle of busy season when you might have to wait longer for service.

Comfort Benefits

If your HVAC system isn’t keeping your home at the proper temperature, a little bit of maintenance might be all that it needs. For instance, over time, a clogged air filter can damage parts, turning a minor issue into a major and costlier one to repair. Keeping your system maintained allows you to enjoy it and receive the maximum comfort benefits from it that you expect.

A properly maintained system distributes the heat and cool air more evenly throughout the space. If you have one room that never seems to stay the proper temperature, having your HVAC system inspected and repaired might fix the problem. Having regular inspections reduces the chances that you’ll come home to find that your system has been blowing cold air in the middle of winter or that it’s as hot as the outside in the summer.

There are other ways that maintaining your system can help to improve your comfort, too. If your system is producing odors or making noises, it’s time to call a professional to have them fixed. In addition, a system that has these symptoms might be warning you of an impending major repair.

Keeping your system in good working order requires regular attention and maintenance. KY Energy Pro, Inc. offers many services to keep your system working properly. We can help you stay comfortable no matter the temperature outside. If your system hasn’t had attention in a while, give us a call to enlist our services. We’ll make sure that you can enjoy the benefits of a system that’s working perfectly.

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