You can only enjoy real comfort and good health in your Mount Washington, KY, home if its heating system is on point. Proper heating isn’t only crucial for warmth but also has a dynamic impact on indoor air quality. We’re going to cover seven reasons you should give your older model a closer look and consider an upgrade for your furnace before it gets cold.


If your home’s equipped with a furnace that’s over 15 years old, it has already outlived its expected lifespan. If you’re not sure how old your furnace actually is, get identifying info off of the furnace itself, such as the brand, manufacturer or model number. You can then contact the manufacturer or our team to ask about the age of the model.

Energy Bills Go Up

If your energy company is asking for more money but rates haven’t gone up, your furnace is in need of an inspection. While you can prolong a decent working model’s life with a good repair and studious maintenance, in the long run, the operating costs may not be enough to dismiss the idea of installing a new furnace.


Part of a furnace’s function is removing unwanted airborne particulates from warmed air. If you’re experiencing stuffy smells or finding more dust in the air than usual, it may be because the furnace isn’t doing its job. Regular filter maintenance may be the problem, and not giving filters their due attention for long periods can lead to irreparable damage in your system.

Discolored Burner Flame

Your furnace’s flame is normally a nice, steady blue hue. If you see a flickering or yellow flame, it’s time to have the device inspected. This is the most common sign the furnace is possibly releasing toxic fumes into your home.

Cycling Issues

Furnaces kick on when temps drop and shut down when the thermostat registers target temps. If the pattern of operation appears to be off-kilter — such as cycling too frequently or running all the time — it’s time to let a service technician check the device. Your home may be in need of an upgrade to a more efficient and cost-saving model.

Number of Repairs

Looking at the last two years, take note of repairs, checkups and the expense to keep the old furnace going. The typical cost of repairing a furnace is, on average, between $131-$469 a visit. Add your standard preventative maintenance contract fees and other miscellaneous expenses to manage the furnace (filters, utility usage) over the 24 months.

Finally, add that total to your total cost of visits. Figure as the furnace ages you are probably going to spend more to keep the device going and determine if the cost of a newer, more cost-effective model makes sense.

More Efficient and Cost-Saving Model

Newer models are designed with greater efficiency. You can have all the tips in the world that prolongs operation, but there will be no more dynamic influence on savings than a high-efficiency model. The latest furnaces reduce energy usage anywhere between 25% and 50% percent.

Mount Washington, KY, residents should be aware of signs their furnaces are in trouble and could be ready for the junk pile. Distinctive signs like the ones outlined here clearly show the furnace’s end is coming sooner than later. And the last thing you want is to find out on a cold winter night you don’t have a working furnace.

Regular maintenance can prolong your furnace’s life, but at some point, you will need to consider replacing the unit. This is not just being on the safe side as much as it’s for the sake of the health and comfort of your family. If you see any problems with your furnace, give KY Energy Pro, Inc. a call and let us find out if you need a new furnace or other service.

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