Energy loss has a direct impact on how much you pay to heat and cool your home. Poor sealing in the ducts and bad insulation are the main contributors to rising energy costs in Louisville, Kentucky. Taking care of these issues can save you a significant amount of money. Duct sealing and insulation can save you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling expenses throughout the year.

Minimize Loss of Energy

The system of ducts in your home most likely consist of a series of tubes located in the floors, walls and ceilings. The duct system transfers air from the central air conditioner or furnace to every room. Ducts must be sealed and insulated to prevent hot or cool air from leaking. These leaks ultimately drive up your energy bills. Ducts located in attics or crawlspaces are more susceptible to leaks. It’s especially important to seal these ducts and ensure adequate ventilation.

Repair Duct Seals and Upgrade Insulation

Duct sealing and insulation professionals can examine each room in your home to determine if there’s a problem with the supply ducts and grills. If not, it’s possible that the room might have inefficient windows that cause the air to leak out and drive up the cost of heating and cooling the home. It’s possible to upgrade the duct while performing repairs. Improvements may include increasing the duct supply’s size or adding a duct to increase the airflow to the room.

Schedule Duct Sealing and Insulation Services

KY Energy Pro, Inc. is a reliable provider for all of your HVAC needs. This includes duct sealing and insulation work, which we’ll complete according to the industry’s highest standards for quality. We offer flat-rate pricing and a one-year guarantee on all of our work. Contact us today to schedule your next service.

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