In many households, one person likes a warmer temperature, and someone else likes it cooler. When you’re preparing to install a new heating and cooling system in your Louisville, KY, home, a home automation zoning setup allows you to customize your home to each person’s preferences. Knowing how home automation zoning works and its benefits helps you make an informed decision about your new HVAC system.

How Home Automation Zoning Works

An automated zoning system uses a smart thermostat and several sensors and dampers strategically placed around your home. The thermostat functions as a zone controller. Through your home automation network, you can access the thermostat’s settings and adjust the airflow and temperature for each zone in your home. You can make those adjustments through an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Make the Most of Your Automated Zoning

In addition to connecting your home’s heating and cooling system to the automation network, you can add other compatible devices. Add your security system, lighting, audio and video equipment. Smart coffee makers and shades can be connected.

Benefits of Home Automation Zoning

Motion detectors in your automation zoning system know when you’re in a room and when you leave it. The system can shut off the heating or cooling after you leave, saving you energy. With the zoned climate control, you’re able to set a different temperature for each zone. This allows you to customize each bedroom’s temperature. Since you don’t have to heat or cool the entire house, you’ll have lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint. The automated network alerts you when the HVAC system needs a new filter and when it’s time for a tuneup.

When you’re ready to lower your utility bills, reduce your home’s carbon footprint and satisfy each person’s temperature preferences, home automation zoning is a smart choice. These systems also add convenience to your daily life. To learn more about automation zoning for your home, call KY Energy Pro, Inc. today.

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