When the temperature drops in Le Grange, Kentucky, you want to turn up the thermostat so that your home is warm and comfortable. But what could be the problem if you turn on the heating system and nothing happens? Here are three top reasons you heating system won’t turn on:

Thermostat Failure

When you flip the switch on the thermostat and the system doesn’t respond, it can be due to a few simple problems, such as the system not engaging because the power is off. If you’re using a furnace, make sure the door is properly closed. In some furnaces, a switch inside the door prevents the heater from turning on if the door isn’t secure. If the thermostat is battery powered, you may need to replace them.

Pilot Light or Heat Pump

A gas heater that isn’t turning on may be having problems with the pilot light. The most obvious problem is when the pilot light is not lit. This happens when the gas level is depleted. If it does have gas but still won’t light, this can be a condition that requires the expertise of a professional service technician. For homes with a heat pump, a common problem preventing the unit from turning on is a low level of refrigerant.


There are multiple reasons your furnace may not turn on, such as the unit not receiving any power, which could be due to circuits or the thermostat. The furnace may need to be reset. A faulty or dirty ignitor/sensor can prevent the unit from engaging. Check that you have electricity in your home. An outage may have occurred leaving you without electricity. A float switch in the up position is an indication of accumulated water in the condensate pan. Last but not least, if the gas supply to the system has been interrupted, it will not turn on.

At KY Energy Pro, Inc., we have experienced service technicians to take care of your heating problems. Whether you have a heat pump or furnace, call us anytime for fast and friendly service.

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