Hot and cold spots are a common HVAC problem. If you’re having trouble getting even temperatures throughout your New Albany, Indiana, home, we can help you diagnose the problem. Look for these common issues that may lead to cold or hot areas in certain parts of the house:

Your HVAC System is the Wrong Size

If you purchased your home with its existing furnace and air conditioner in place, you might not know whether these installations are the right size for the job. If your HVAC system is too large, it’ll cycle on and off too frequently. Your heating and cooling also won’t reach the distant corners of the home. If your system is too small, it’ll run continuously yet fail to achieve your desired temperatures. Both situations cause unnecessary wear to the unit.

We can help size your home to determine whether your installation is right for the job. Our knowledgeable service techs can recommend a more appropriate system if yours isn’t the best fit.

You Have Leaky Ductwork

Over time, your ductwork develops leaks, which can result in a significant amount of air and energy loss. Regularly sealing and insulating your ducts will help you keep airflow inside the home where you want it, eliminating many of those hot and cold spots that you might be dealing with. Another option is to upgrade to a ductless heating and cooling system, which eliminates the need for ducts.

You Have Obstructed Airflow

Does air have a free path to flow throughout your home? If the airflow is obstructed by heavy curtains, furniture or clutter near your air vents, you may struggle with hot and cold spots. First, locate all the air registers in your home. Make sure they’re open and then examine the surrounding space to see if anything is getting in the way of free and steady airflow from one room to another.

If you’re dealing with hot and cold spots around your home, we can help you troubleshoot heating and air conditioning issues. We offer duct sealing services that can help eliminate leaky ductwork. Contact KY Energy Pro, Inc. at 502-215-5743 to learn more.

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